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Microwave Ablation Generators with the Control you Need

  • Dynamic Frequency Selection MedWaves’ AveCure generator is the only microwave generator to use a dynamic frequency range (902-928MHz) capable of adapting to tissue permittivity changes during ablation.  The AveCure generator monitors power levels automatically and adjusts frequency to maximize power delivery to the targeted tissue.
  • Efficient Energy Delivery This efficient method of energy delivery allows the physician to create larger ablation zones in less time with a single probe. It also allows the generator to operate at lower wattage, eliminating the need for irrigated shaft cooling and reducing the risk of charring and burns.
  • Real-Time Data Feedback The probe’s integrated temperature sensor provides direct feedback from the ablation.  Reverse power is also displayed on the generator to show how efficiently the microwave energy is being delivered to the targeted tissue.
  • Predictable Ablation Zones Microwave power is less affected by cooling blood flow, which allows the ablation zone to expand completely up to the vessel.  This allows more predictable and complete ablation zones with potentially lower recurrence rates (R. c. G. Martin et al, Surgical Oncology, August 2009).
  • Customizable Ablation Zones Adjustable temperature  control allows the physician to create custom ablation zones specific to the targeted area.  Multiple antenna sizes are available for small, medium and large ablation zones. The AveCure generator have many features that enable you to precisely control the energy needed to properly ablate a single or multiple lesions:
  • Smart-Energy-Control: pulsed power train with frequency between 902 MHz – 928 MHz are automatically controlled with real-time temperature and reverse-power feedback during ablation to optimize ablation safety, efficiency, energy transfer and predictability.
  • Menu selection of antenna size for easy setup and control: 1, 2, 3 and 4 cm
  • Real-time power control based on temperature feedback: 60-130°C
  • Real-time reverse/forward power control at the antenna: 902-928 MHz
  • Numeric display of ablation information assures control: temperature (°C), reverse­ power (w), remaining time (m:s) and energy delivered (k-joules)
  • Multiple Generators can simultaneously be used to ablate very large lesions or multiple lesions to save time.

Click here to download a datasheet for the AveCure system for microwave ablation.